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Tell me which mother you are, I will tell you which Yon-Ka product is made for you!

Tell me which mother you are, I will tell you which Yon-Ka product is made for you!

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and we wanted to suggest a few gift ideas for your loved ones...or for yourself! To mark the occasion, we've identified 4 profiles of "super moms" in 2024 and created a Yon-Ka must-have for each of them. And as Yon-Ka is the brand for all moms, we're sure you'll recognize yourself in one of these profiles... or perhaps several? It's up to you to discover which Yon-Ka super-mum you are, and which product(s) to ask your children to buy for Mother's Day!


The Skincare Junkie

For her, taking care of her skin is an essential part of her daily well-being routine.

  • She owns a large number of products and doesn't hesitate to buy new ones to try out for herself, without being influenced by the beauty press;
  • She knows the different ingredients by heart, knows how they interact with each other and with the skin, and does her own research before buying;
  • She is willing to invest in quality products, even expensive ones, if they are effective, with a preference for "clean" and sustainable products;
  • Her routine is well-structured and includes several steps that she follows scrupulously: make-up removal, cleansing with lotion, exfoliation and application of specialized treatments such as serums or masks;
  • Beyond the benefits for their appearance, skincare addicts treat problems such as acne, aging or hyperpigmentation to achieve healthy skin;
  • They follow skincare influencers and seek advice and recommendations from other enthusiasts, in forums or discussion groups.
  • Although they like to try out new products, they often develop a strong loyalty to the brand that gives them satisfaction.

Her must-have Yon-Ka ? The Dry Skin Ritual for its expertise and its complete, structured routine: cleansing milk, cleansing gel, Yon-Ka lotion for normal or dry skin, Nutri Défense comfort cream and a specific booster to add to your jou cream to target the action of your choice even more effectively (moisturizing, nourishing, anti-pollution).


The Homebody
What does she love most? Spending time at home taking care of her family, her home and herself. 

  • Her favorite shopping? Products that enhance her home experience: cosmetics to care for her skin, simple but elegant make-up to wear every day, a yoga mat for exercising or meditating at home...
  • She appreciates products that enhance her comfort and well-being at home, such as face masks, moisturizing lotions, scented candles...
  • She is generally attracted to uncomplicated beauty products, whose composition is simple to decipher and whose basic ingredients are natural or organic;
  • She likes natural beauty and prefers discreet products that enhance her own features, even if imperfect (e.g. BB Crème, toning lotion...), rather than products that hide and camouflage facial features, or even modify them (e.g. cosmetic surgery).
  • Finally, she likes to do her shopping from home, via the Internet, so she doesn't have to spend her free time in the stores.

Her Yon-Ka must-have? The Taiga massage candle, for its warmth and invitation to stay at home with friends or loved ones. A relaxing interlude for her and rejuvenating for her skin, thanks to its organic sesame oil and vitamin E-rich duo of organic shea and mango butters.


The Early Bird

What interests her? Constantly looking for new ways to improve her daily life, in all areas.

  • She's curious about what's new and always on the lookout for the latest trends in fashion, technology...and beauty products! 
  • She attaches importance to her lifestyle and the "trendy" image she projects to those around her. So she looks for products perfectly adapted to her skin's needs;
  • She likes to share her discoveries on social networks or with friends and family;
  • New products appeal to her, but they have to be practical and effective for her daily routine;
  • She's ready to buy a new product quickly, without waiting for a "fad" if the results are there.
  • She is vigilant about the ingredients and formulations of the products she uses, and favors natural, environmentally-friendly options.

Her must-have Yon-Ka? Phyto-contour anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles eye cream for a sparkling look that will draw attention to herself and open her eyes to the joys of everyday life.


The Jet-setter
Her everyday life? Her travels, from a few days to several weeks, for professional or personal reasons. She's constantly discovering new horizons and new ways of life.

  • She's rarely at home for a full week;
  • She is regularly exposed to different cultures, lifestyles and trends. As a result, her lifestyle is often cosmopolitan and sophisticated.
  • She appreciates practical, on-the-go packaging.
  • She likes multi-purpose products designed to meet the changing needs of her travels (e.g. compact or multi-purpose products) and to save weight in her luggage;
  • Her fast-paced lifestyle sometimes makes her feel a little unstable in her daily routine. So she's happy to have clear beauty and well-being routines to give her days a bit of "framework".
  • She uses her social networks to share her travel experiences and to seek out product and brand recommendations.


Her must-have Yon-Ka : Solar Care, the range of suncare products, so she can take care of her skin wherever she is, even if the conditions outside differ from day to day. Protected from the sun, she'll even be able to make her tan a souvenir of her travels, thanks to her tan extender!


Did you recognize yourself in one or more of these portraits?

And have you noticed that what all these moms have in common is that they're all "super-moms", devoted to their daily lives, in demand from the first minute of the day to the last? Always available, they need energy from the moment they get out of bed.

Their Yon-Ka must-have: Yon-Ka lotion for normal or dry skin, a spray-on mist that moisturizes, refreshes and invigorates all day long. The secret? Its 5 purifying and deliciously fragrant essential oils: lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme. To spice up their morning, energize their afternoon and soothe their evening.  


So, which Yon-Ka must-have will be your Mother's Day gift?

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